Don’t Be So Cute

Don’t Be So Cute

In today’s digital world, it appears that modern means being flat, bright and minimal. The flat design trend has become ubiquitous in user interface design and there are arguments for why it is better direction than something skeuomorphic, but I’m not here to talk about that. There already have been many articles and blog posts … Continue reading

Takeaways from Eyeo Fest 2014

Takeaways from Eyeo Fest 2014

This past week I had the opportunity to attend my second Eyeo Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Eyeo is a conference covering a broad range of creative technology territories including data visualization, interaction, engineering, art and ethnography. At Truth Labs we’re always looking into the frontiers of art and tech to find what we need to … Continue reading

Sensor Input with Unity3D

Sensor Input with Unity3D

Here at Truth Labs we do plenty of work with interactive 3D environments. The projects that call for this type of work can range from web apps to large scale installations. There’s a full house of technologies and frameworks that will deliver results – WebGL, Cinder, Processing, Flash, OpenFrameworks… the list goes on. But when it … Continue reading

I Miss Real Affordances

I Miss Real Affordances

I’ve spent the majority of my career finding compelling ways of getting pixels onto screens. I’ve gone through great lengths to make my pixels look and feel right. Animations, transitions, anti-aliasing, image blitting…all these tactics to finesse the look and “feel”. Ten years, and lots of UIs later….I miss real affordances Figure 1.1 | Basic … Continue reading